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Cybercrime continues to increase and in particular takes advantage of crisis situations to set up scams. If phishing has been known for several years, some do not hesitate to be creative and to bet on feelings and sexuality.

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Video message for graduation

In view of the current health situation, the traditional graduation ceremony for the federal security guard certificate could not take place. Nevertheless the President of AESS, Armin Berchtold presented his congratulations to all the winners through a filmed speech. Check out the video message here.

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Partnership charter

The SIR has signed the partnership charter with the cantonal employment office of Geneva, which stipulates that, with a view to better professional integration of job applicants, the security department, Employment and Health (DSES) has decided to offer employers in the Geneva economic fabric the opportunity to develop and strengthen collaboration with the OCE.

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Sincere congratulations

For the first time at SIR, two commercial employee apprentices - profile E, have completed their training and thus obtained their federal certificate of competence.

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Coronavirus pandemic: our protective measures

The SIR continues to monitor 24/7. We have set up a decentralized organization of key positions while ensuring the highest security conditions (especially IT).

As a precaution, we place people at risk or potentially contagious in quarantine.

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