Intervention is our specialty

The SIR is able to intervene 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Focused on the speed and efficiency of intervention, the SIR has set up a whole network of intervention units stationed as close as possible to its customers, thus guaranteeing the shortest possible response time. More than 80 % of all interventions in all sectors are processed in less than 15 minutes.

Therefore, our mobile intervention units allow us to initiate, in record time, all the appropriate procedures for each type of alarm triggering or emergency situation. They are equipped with vehicles, equipment and means of communication adapted to the circumstances with which they have to face.

The Geneva intervention brigade

For maximum coverage, the Geneva brigade has three sections: Cologny, Center-Ville and Canton (Inter GE), in order to ensure a permanent presence near the most sensitive sectors.

The Vaud intervention brigade

The Vaud intervention brigade has two main sections: La Côte and Lausanne. Our intervention agents can thus intervene quickly with our customers.

The Gstaad intervention brigade

To cover in particular Gstaad and the Saanenland region, the intervention brigade is based in the center of Gstaad. This brigade, active since 2011, benefits from all the technical sophistication and the same means of intervention as the other two brigades.

The different types of alarms

Burglary alarm - sabotage

The main objective is the preservation of movable and immovable property by restraining criminals and making the police available according to the following procedure: 

  • Immediate intervention and removal of doubt by our agents 
  • Inform the police to allow the arrest of criminals.
  • Ensure the immobilization of the individual or individuals caught in the act during the intervention.
  • If the case requires, notify a locksmith, glazier, alarm installer, for the restoration of the premises, temporarily as far as possible. Monitor the work and test the alarm system, guard the premises.
Hold-up alarm - opening under threat

The aim is to intervene discreetly in order to preserve the client's bodily integrity and to avoid a possible hostage-taking according to the following procedure: 

  • Intervene immediately on the scene and park the CRS vehicles nearby. The SIR agents carry out on foot, as discreetly as possible, the remaining route in order to avoid the awakening of a possible lookout.
  • Obtain as much information as possible to pass it on to the police.
  • Immediately inform the police.
  • Constantly observe and inform whoever it is about the present situation and the establishment of authorized forces, in order to intercept criminals.
  • Put in place the forces and means necessary to intercept criminals.
Technical alarm

The objective is to control the alarm device and to check that it is working properly, as well as the transmission "reception" of technical information to the SIR unit according to the following procedure: 

  • Call on site and immediately inform the customer's technical service so that they can check the technical device.
  • If this is not possible, intervention and location of the faulty sector.
  • Immediately inform the competent technical “picket” service (s).
  • Guard and protect the premises until the alarm system is restored.
Fire alarm

The goal is to preserve movable and immovable property by detecting a loss and ensuring the bodily integrity of the client, according to the following procedure:

  • Call on site and immediate intervention of intervention units on the spot, openings / closings of the premises.
  • Locate the exact place of the accident and intervention according to our possibilities.
  • Accompany and support firefighters in their mission.
  • In the event of a disaster, notify the managers of the company, business, villa, and others, according to the emergency list.
  • The agents are responsible for preventing any entry into the premises by people outside the services and keeping the objects saved from the disaster.

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