Opening and closing service & key custody

SIR offers you opening and closing services for your premises in order to guarantee the safety of your employees when they arrive or leave their workplace. When opening our agents carry out a control round in order to rule out any anomalies, open the premises and disarm the alarm system. When closing, our agents secure your business premises and ensure that the entire site is properly closed and placed under alarm. The opening and closing hours can be agreed in advance or on request and the specifications can be adapted to your needs.

The SIR also retains your keys in a secure place, protected from fire and under alarm. Thanks to this solution, our agents are able to intervene 24 hours a day but also to help you out as needed. This simple solution saves you a locksmith repair bill in the event of loss of key.

Entrust your keys to the CRS

Key guard under close surveillance

Possibility of intervention of CRS agents in all circumstances

Assistance service in case of lost key / slammed door

Site opening / closing in case of works

Openings & Closures per year
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