The ideal solution for the protection of your values

Based on our extensive and successful experience, we have developed SIRKnox Safes to meet the needs of our customers and offer them the maximum security they are entitled to expect for everything that is of value to them.

Traditionally, a Safe is accessible in parallel with a registered bank account and only during the week during opening hours. Therefore, it does not offer maximum flexibility and discretion for its user.

With SIRKnox, those days are over. SIRKnox means storage of valuables (cash, jewelry, gold, watches, securities, documents or other) in a highly secure environment meeting European standards (EN 1143 VIII) equivalent to the strict and high banking sector.

With our solution, you become the holder of a Safe SIRKnox offering you flexibility, simplicity and discretion.

The SIRKnox advantages

No administrative constraints

  • Signature of a confidential contract.
  • No bank proof or account opening required.
  • One appointment is enough.

Unlimited accessibility

  • Access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, completely independently.
  • No restriction on frequency of access.
  • Individual access without appointment.

Increased surveillance

  • Site protected and controlled permanently and directly by highly qualified SIR personnel.
  • Secure tracking from entry to exit.
  • Strong door approved with management of openings according to standards EN 1143 VIII.

Discreet and secure access

  • Armored premises integrated in the basement of a building for more discretion.
  • Accessible by a discreet pedestrian door or by car through a secure garage.
  • Uniqueness control through a security SAS.

At the cutting edge of technology

  • Technical environment and independent network infrastructure.
  • Latest generation biometric access.
  • Private box for vehicle with license plate reading access.

Do you want a quick and tailor-made offer according to your needs?