Professional examination of professional security supervisor

SIR trainers are accredited by the cantonal police as a security agent, in accordance with the Concordat on security companies, approved by the Federal Department of Justice and Police. Some of our trainers have also followed the training courses which lead to the federal adult trainer certificate and have obtained the FSEA certificate.

The SIR, as a training security company, rich in its experience and know-how, is able to organize externally to its own structure, internships and professional training courses with other companies and companies, whose personnel are active in the fields of security.

Preparation for exams


  • Acquire the necessary knowledge to prepare for the exams of the Federal Certificate of Professional Security and Surveillance Agent (ASS).


  • Business Management
    • Service provision and range of products
    • Duties and functions of the security guard
    • Progress of the service
    • Understanding of the mandate and skills to ensure the reception and training of new employees
    • Occupational safety and personal equipment
  • Law
    • Legal order
    • Criminal Law
    • Civil right
    • Labor law
  • Social abilities
    • Perception and appearance
    • Contacts with customers and third parties
    • Behavior in extraordinary situations
  • Knowledge of the branch
    • Knowledge of risks
    • Objects to watch and areas of activity
    • Checking people and luggage
    • Traffic regulation
    • Communication systems and computer systems
  • ASS specific knowledge
    • Mechanical safety and closing systems
    • Alarm systems
    • Extinguishing systems
    • Automation
    • Emergency devices
  • ASS practical tasks
    • Traffic regulation
    • Standard round
    • Specific practical tasks
      • Radio communication
      • Fire protection
      • First aid
      • Technical alarms
      • Control of people
  • Simulation and exam preparation 


  • 25 periods in total, usually Thursdays.
  • The training begins in mid-April and ends no later than mid-September. The dates of the training sessions are communicated to those registered as soon as the final list is known.


  • Year after year, a high pass rate for the exam
  • All the necessary equipment is provided

Download the guidelines and the regulation



  • Present an extract from the criminal record dated less than three months (without exemption), blank, or comprising, at most, only one offense (which is not an offense or a crime) 
  • 2 years of practice (corresponding to a minimum of 3,200 hours of work) in a security and surveillance service after obtaining the CFC or equivalent training 
  • For those who do not have a CFC or equivalent training, at least 4 years of practice (corresponding to a minimum of 6,400 working hours) in a security and surveillance service
  • Or are for the benefit of the federal patent for the protection of persons and property (PDB)
  • Are at least 22 years old 
  • It is recommended that people having doubts about their eligibility for the exams to contact the exam secretariat directly to ensure the validity of their registration.


  • 5 written exams from 12:30 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.
  • 2 oral exams of 20 to 30 minutes
  • 1 practical exam of 2h00


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