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The SIR offers an information and advice service for all questions relating to the safety of people and property and the implementation of specific systems or procedures. In addition, whatever your request, the SIR undertakes to provide you with a rapid response, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our security specialists are trained to assess a situation and provide the best solution in record time to provide the support our customers need.

The SIR can also offer personalized safety training with its customers according to specific needs.

In addition, we are always very attentive to new products entering the market with regard to anti-intrusion systems, geolocation, passive security (safe), body detection (weapons and explosives) as well as all technical and mechanical processes directly related to security. In fact, in order to be able to provide the best advice, we must be on the lookout for all the news in terms of security.

We also attach great importance to the study of the behaviors, procedures and materials used by burglars. This constant analysis allows us to guide our customers towards an effective security solution.

Useful documents

2019 annual report of offenses recorded by the police


Even if you are only away for a few minutes, always remember lock your door.

In case of absence, think about close the windows on the ground floor or opening onto a terrace or balcony. An open transom window is an easy entry point for a burglar who can open it with a little dexterity and without the use of force.

When you leave your home, think about activate your alarm system. An alarm system connected to a alarm center remains the most effective way to deter an attempted break-in.

Take care of your relationships with your neighborhood. Indeed, in the event of prolonged absence, you can count on their vigilance. If they are aware that the premises are unoccupied, they will immediately think of a burglary if they see light or hear noises.

Think of hold your mail by post or to arrange for someone to pick it up if you are traveling. Indeed, a letterbox full of mail is a sufficient signal to motivate a burglar to take action.

From the fall with the shortening of the days, consider installing a random timer on your lighting device. Thus, the fact of simulate your presence at irregular times and if possible in different rooms will sow doubt in the minds of burglars.

do not forget to put your valuables in a place safe as a safe, preferably sealed. It is advisable to keep the values that are rarely used outside of home, for example in a safe such as SIRKnox.

Appeal to a SIR security expert. We will be able to advise you and offer you effective solutions to increase the security of your property or property; the whole without engagement !

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