A presence in all circumstances

Our agents specializing in physical presence and lodge services guarantee a courteous and discreet welcome to your customers and suppliers while ensuring maximum security of your premises.

Our agents are able to ensure access control day and night, authorize or restrict access to certain areas to employees, customers or suppliers, manage the various alarms installed, carry out rounds of checks or perform tailor-made tasks according to pre-established specifications.

In order to guarantee the safety of your employees, your property and your know-how while respecting the constraints and easements related to the procedures in place in your company, our specialists study each situation to propose solutions guaranteeing a security and reception service. top of the line.


What type of premises is this service intended for?

Administrative, commercial or industrial buildings

Large commercial areas

Banks and financial institutions

Private or public companies


Luxury boutiques, stores

Scientific or technological sites, laboratories

Private domains and property

Public car parks

Do you want a quick and tailor-made offer according to your needs?