Method of supervision and training of employees

For more than 40 years, we have invested in our employees and their training to obtain constantly improving quality of service.

On the basis of a hierarchical structure, all our security agents follow our following training course:

  • 4 days of intensive basic training
  • “In Situ” training by trainers from SIR
  • First evaluations made by managers (heads of section and heads of services)
  • Specific training for the incorporation service
  • Maintenance and final assessment at the end of the trial period 

From the 4th month of engagement:

  • Weapons training (firearms and defense weapons)
  • Additional training (general and according to assignments)
  • Specific training according to the needs of the departments or the clientele
  • Knowledge check through regular tests

 Continuing education:

  • Internships and refresher courses
  • Daily checks carried out by managers
  • Annual assessment of all employees
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