Customer approach

Confidence and efficiency are our backbone. Always attentive to the specific needs of our customers, we strive to provide them with the services most suited to their requirements, while guaranteeing our commitments, special instructions and the fair price of our services.


In a general state of mind of innovation, we are particularly attentive to the evolution of technologies in connection with our profession. We are constantly developing our own work tools, as well as our general management and training principles. We also attach great importance to the study of delinquency and its different operating modes, in order to better counter it in the context of our activities.

The partners

All our partners are selected according to specific criteria. Competent professionals and forced to comply with specifications set out according to our requirements, they provide products and services in perfect harmony with our own services.


As entrepreneurs, we ensure the sustainability of the CRS, thanks to a great rigor of management and to always appropriate investments.

Employees / security guards

Following a rigorous selection established according to our own criteria, our agents acquire a solid basic training resulting, for the most part, in obtaining the Federal Certificate of Professional Security Agent. Through their training and their working environment, our employees are perfectly aware of being part of the elite of Swiss security companies.
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