The SIR obtained this certification in 2014

The European standard EN 50518: 2019 is a standard covering all control and alarm reception centers (ARC). The SIR control panel is one of the first alarm reception centers in Europe to have obtained certification for the 3 distinct components of the standard.

Site and construction requirements


- Protection against lightning
- Resistance to fire, burglary (walls, doors, windows)
- Protected ventilation with monitored air quality
- Gas detection system
- Emergency power supply
- SAS security for access
- Rest area for operators
- Emergency generator
- Alarm system and video surveillance

Technical requirements


- Temporal and functional sequence of the signal
- Alarm reception devices with identification
- Recording of communications
- Secure data backup
- Daily and weekly system checks
- Recording of manual and automatic actions
- All documented procedures
- Information relating to the availability of the alarm center

Process and operating requirements


- 24 hour occupancy of at least two qualified operators
- Technical and IT infrastructure redundancy
- Employee security checks every 5 years
- Training and development of employees
- Risk analysis and assessment
- Failure and data backup concepts
- Annual audits by an approved body
- Documentation of all operating processes