What is Club'SIR exactly?

Club'SIR is simply all kinds of offers negotiated by the SIR with certain partners especially for our employees.

Our large network of suppliers and customers has led us to forge beautiful and authentic business relationships.

Thanks to these relationships, we wanted to see if it was possible to obtain benefits for the employees of the CRS.

After hard work, we were able to obtain strong, interesting and totally privileged offers for SIR employees.

We let's add new offers regularly to benefit Club'SIR members.

How it works?

We select and negotiate attractive services for SIR employees among our partners.

All the offers will be listed on our website www.sirsa.ch in order to create a virtual Club'SIR catalog.

From your home or in the middle of the street, you will be able to consult the Club'SIR offers in order to make golden deals with our partners!

On presentation of your SIR agent card or by using a code for online orders, our partner will provide you with the exclusive Club'SIR offer.