Friday July 4, the "Covidbusters" came to hunt the virus in the premises of the SIR. This mobile in-company vaccination company intervened at the SIR in order to vaccinate the employees who wished it.

In order to facilitate access to vaccination, the SIR management wanted to set up an on-site structure, using Covidbuster. The Covidbusters company was created as part of an MBA project. The principle is to organize a mobile vaccination center, authorized for the moment, only in the canton of Vaud. The company is headed by a chief doctor of the emergency centers in Lausanne.

A paramedical team therefore traveled to Gland, to the SIR offices, to administer the first dose of the vaccine to all volunteer collaborators. The second dose will also be administered in the SIR premises, in accordance with medical recommendations within 4 weeks.