Who are we ?

Founded in 1978, the SIR - Service d'Intervention Rapide has acquired unquestionable expertise in the fields of security.

Its high standards in terms of service quality and its active participation in the development of high-level training for security professionals have been the main factors that have contributed to its development and to forging its reputation.

With its experience, sure of the increased skills of its employees and authorized agents, equipped with first-rate technical and logistical resources in which it has been able to invest, particularly with regard to its infrastructure and its alarm center, the SIR is a unique partner when it comes to security. Whether it's people, businesses, corporations or property.

SIR is a member of the Association of Swiss Security Companies (Info on AESS) and holds certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO21001, ISO 45001 and EN-50518 as well as labels eduQua, Training company, Fair-ON-Pay, SRC.

The quality and efficiency of its security services continue to increase the confidence and loyalty of its customers. A clientele that is increasingly informed and aware of new security risks.

The SIR, near you:

Our mobile intervention squads allow us to deploy record intervention times. They are based in Carouge, Thônex, Grand-Saconnex, Gland, Lausanne and Gstaad.