For the first time at SIR, two commercial employee apprentices - profile E, have completed their training and thus obtained their federal certificate of competence.

Miss Océane D'Eramo, who took up her post on March 1, 2019, is leaving the SIR to begin additional training with a view to obtaining the professional maturity. She nevertheless wishes to finance her studies by keeping an auxiliary security activity within our company.

Mr. Marco Stojanovic, who took office on August 1, 2017, wishes to start his professional career within the SIR. He is thus integrated from September 1, 2020 into our administration as a sales employee.

We wish them a great summer, but above all much success, both professionally and personally.

A few words also to thank all those involved in vocational training within our administration who, during these three years, have invested themselves in ensuring the succession of tomorrow.

Madeline MARTIN

Human resources manager