We would like to inform you of the protective measures we have taken to protect our employees and customers so that everyone can resume their activities safely.

Everyone's health and safety is our priority and that is why we make sure to respect the recommendations of the FOPH at all times.

We take the protection of our 400 employees very seriously and are committed to protecting them and keeping them regularly informed through internal prevention messages. A communication effort was therefore put in place to reassure and educate the teams as well as a reinforced presence of managers in the field.

We took the situation seriously early on and deployed our pandemic plan previously established. This anticipation allowed us to quickly equip each workstation with disinfection and protection means such as hydro-alcoholic gel, gloves and masks. All our employees must comply with the hygiene rules recommended by the FOPH, either washing their hands regularly, keeping a social distance, sneezing into the crook of the elbow or into a disposable tissue.

The SIR continues to monitor 24/7. We have set up a decentralized organization of key positions while ensuring the highest security conditions (especially IT).

As a precaution, we place people at risk or potentially contagious in quarantine.

We are following the constant evolution of the situation very closely in order to update our procedures in order to protect the health of all.

If you have any questions regarding the implementation of our measures within our teams, we are happy to be available. You can reach us on 022 3 644 644 or by email at secretariat@sirsa.ch.

We send you our best health messages.

SIR Directorate